In recent days we have gradually learned various information about the sales of consoles and games during 2020 < / b> in different parts of the world. It is always interesting to review the data, to see the status of each machine and see what the public interest is. Currently, the best-selling console in the world is Nintendo Switch , also due to the problems Stock from Xbox Series X and PS5 .

< strong class = 'quotes col_plat_ini_end fftit fw5 quote_right0 margin_art db' style = 'width: 210px; '> In 2020, video game spending in Japan increased 12.5% ​​compared to 2019, reaching 3.5 billion dollars Now we have learned new sales data in Japan and in France during 2020, and they are spectacular again. In the case of Japan, Nintendo Switch sold 6.85 million consoles in the past year, as has counted . PS4 was second far behind Switch, with 543,000 units sold. The top 3 is closed by PlayStation 5 with 255,000 . As we told you, Switch in Japan recently overcame the barrier of 17 million consoles sold in total.

Other data interesting in Japan last year is that spending on video games increased by 12.5% ​​ compared to 2019, reaching 3.5 billion dollars . In addition, it has been confirmed again, as we already anticipated, that Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the best-selling physical game in the land of the rising sun . In fact, Nintendo had almost 50% of the sales of physical format games in 2020.

Nintendo Switch, success in France

Thanks to medium Le Figaro , we have learned that the sales of Nintendo Switch in 2020 in France increased by 40% compared to 2019. There, Switch has sold around 1.4 million consoles in 2020. Le Figaro collects data from Nintendo France, which says that 7% of French people own the console (about 4.7 million people). Of course, as a curious fact, PS5 snatched the Switch record for best launch of a new console in France .

Nintendo’s hybrid continues to sweep around the world. In China, has officially sold more than a million consoles ; in the UK, it sold in 2020 more than PlayStation and Xbox consoles combined ; Also was leader in the United States . We will see what the hard figures are in the next official report, but they will be huge. Recently, we also learned the most played games on Switch in 2020 in Europe .