The market of mobile networks is in decline, after which the equipment demand of 4G mobile broadband to reach its peak last year, and it is not expected an immediate boost with the arrival of 5G.

Nokia has been a sharp fall in profit for the third quarter (3Q) hit by the sluggish sales on the market of wireless networks and the prospect of the market continue to contract even more next year.

The price of the company’s stock has fallen 7%, its lowest level in 3 years, after announcing that its operating profit has declined in this period by 18%, rising to eur 556 million.

sales for The 3Q were down 12% year-on-year, to 5.320 million euros, compared to an expectation average of 5.390 million euros, with a decrease of their income in all geographical regions.

Until now, Nokia is seeing little benefit of the purchase of Alcatel-Lucent, acquired by approximately 15.600 million euros , in the agreement fully in shares, although the company has stated that its integration is developing according to plan.

Nokia has been ahead of his sales of network equipment will come down in the fourth quarter a ratio similar to that of the third quarter and that the market will continue to decline next year.

“we Hope that the terms and conditions of the mrecado to stabilize a little bit in 2017, in which we anticipate a decline in the market of single-digit percentage this year,” said the CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri.