The Finnish company is developing a virtual assistant to compete against other proposals.


Nokia plans to enter the field of smart assistants and has requested the registration of its own Artificial Intelligence assistant before the European Union, report on IBTimes .

In the document presented by the Finnish company, there is talk of an intelligent assistant who receives the Viki trade name .

Likewise, it is mentioned that it will have technology that works as “software for the creation and monitoring of web and mobile assistants, working with digital information and combining all data sources in an individual interface based on voice and chat”. < / p>

At the moment it is unknown how long it will take Nokia to realize that project and launch it, but it is speculated that could be seen soon in the smartphones governed by Android launched by the brand .

In any case, it seems clear that its arrival is quite late compared to other ICT companies that have launched similar technology in the past.

This is the case of Siri de Apple, which debuted in 2011, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa, which were released in 2014, or the recently released Google Assistant.

Also, in December it was revealed that Samsung is preparing its own personal assistant , which will be named Bixby and is scheduled to appear in the next Galaxy S8 that will arrive in March.