Spain is at the tail of Europe, where the proportion of companies with this type of infrastructure goes up to 7 out of every 10.

The hybrid cloud is a trend that has been becoming more and more a reality.

And so certifies to the data of the Check Point. Although in some places it is more real than in others. For example, in Europe 70 % of companies already have infrastructure hybrid cloud.

In the case of Spain the figure drops considerably: up to 27 % of companies.

This would mean that our country is situated at the tail of european software-as-a-service that runs from the environments of cloud computing.

To evaluate the expansion of the cloud, Check Point resolves to the safety is involved.

“The security is related to frequency, with a barrier to the adoption of the cloud business”, says Javier Daughters, director of the computer security cloud of this security firm. “The reality is quite different: currently, the investment in security is one of the best indicators of economic growth”.

In this sense, the Check-Point, reveals that more than half of the incidents were managed by their incident response team in the last year had to do with the cloud. And 1 of every 2 was due to problems of software applications as a service or cloud servers.

apparently, half of the gaps that occur in software applications as a service arises from theft of credentials to get malware in the cloud.