The graphics processor giant showed the biggest rise in the GPU industry.


The analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has released its market report on the GPU business , which ensures that Nvidia has had the best behavior in Q3. < / p>

Specifically, the company led by Jen-Hsun Huang achieved an increase of 29.53 percent between July and September in the marketing of GPUs, while the growth of AMD < / strong> in the same period was 7.63 percent and in the case of Intel the improvement stayed in the 5.01 percent .

From the consultancy they indicate that « the segment of gaming PCs , where high-end GPUs are used, was the bright note of the market last quarter», and reveal that «the growth in the desktop sector is also attributed to the rise of cryptocurrencies.»

With regard to the discrete GPUs , which includes the high-end video cards that players buy when they build their systems, Jon Peddie Research’s study advances that they found in 39.55 percent of the PCs marketed in Q3 2017, which implies a quarterly rise of 4.18 percent.