In five years, according to Juniper Research calculations, that revenue will go from 837,000 million dollars to 785,000 million.


Last year operators entered $ 837 billion worldwide for the voice and data services provided. But it seems they will have difficulty maintaining this level of income.

According to forecasts < / a> of Juniper Research, revenues will fall by more than 50,000 million dollars over a period of five years to remain at 785,000 million in 2022. This is influenced by the use of OTT services for messaging and social networks, as well such as falling prices for data packets.

In any case, there would be formulas to maintain margins such as resorting to network virtualization, next-generation firewalls and better CRMs, which would help reduce costs according to experts.

In addition, other opportunities open thanks to the internet of things phenomenon , which Juniper Research estimates for operators at more than 8,000 million dollars in 2022. Another formula would be to adopt A2P messages in verticals such as banking, health or marketing .