Juniper Research estimates that its revenues reaching around 48,000 million, affected by the end of roaming in Europe.

The european users can now enjoy the end of the roaming announced by the European Union (EU) and talk, send messages or browse the internet from your mobile, without fear of additional charges while in another country.

The introduction of the so-called roaming at home, not only in the Old Continent but also in north America and Asia, will have a significant impact on the revenues of the operators this year. According to estimates from Juniper Research, the revenues for roaming international mobile will drop by 11 % in 2017.

Of 54,000 million entered last year will be passed to the 48.000 million dollars.

“This decrease in overall revenues is due to a fall of 33 % on the income of roaming europe, following the EU regulation to put an end to the surcharges by roaming “, comenta the researcher Nitin Bhas. In particular, the increase is expected from the use of the mobile, and the income consequential damages, may not compensate the loss, which will mean an offer with rates of roaming under.

“while we hope that the rates of roaming out of Europe continue to be deregulated and may be significantly higher, the focus of the operator will have to switch to innovative packages and prices are tailored to preserve or increase the income for the part of travellers and migrant workers”, says Bhas.

in the face of 2018 Juniper Research expected revenues roaming starting to recover.

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