will Be held on Thursday 31 January in the Palace of Dukes of Pastrana.

Oracle has prepared an event in Madrid for the end of the month that is framed in the context of the technological revolution that is living the companies.

this Is the Oracle Cloud Day, which will be held on 31 January in the Palace of Duques de Pastrana.

there will be displaced as speakers Leopoldo bible advocate ® , general manager of Oracle Spain, and Andrew Sutherland, senior vice president of systems and technology of the company in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. They will be accompanied, among others, by Chema Mínguez, who is the director of Transactional Services at BEINGS, and Javier Garcia Rio, CMO of the Mutua Madrid Open.

in Addition to lectures, Oracle Cloud Day will provide demos on topics such as Blockchain, Industry 4.0 or Smart Hospitality.

“In the Oracle Cloud Day will show you how the right technology, when used in the right form, allows innovation to be something that you can apply in your day-to-day” explained from Oracle.