And it costs 20 dollars.

a few years Ago one could be done with a keyboard for 20 dollars. Today, you can get a plate that allows you to build your own PC for the same price thanks to proposals such as the Orange Pi.

This version of one of the competitors of the Raspberry Pi comes with quad core processor, 64 bit or 1 GB of RAM that hits the market for $ 20.

This mini-computer single board you can run Debian, Ubuntu or Android 4.4 in addition, any created image for the Raspberry Pi. Just have 85×55 mm in size and weighs 70 grams.

as specified in the official website is directed at “anyone who wants to start creating with technology and not just consume it”, is presented as “a tool simple, fun, useful to begin to control the world around you”.

processor is a Allwinner H5 4-core and 64-bit with a GPU Mali450. Full-board 1 GB of RAM, support for MicroSD cards up to 64 GB, microphone, a Gigabit Ethernet port and an HDMI port, among other features.

Orange Pi PC 2 is on sale now for a price of $ 20.