Microsoft has updated Outlook for iOS and Android devices, which also brings improvements to navigation level.

Microsoft has decided to update Outlook for iOS and Android devices with the aim of improving primarily the experience of conversation.

And is that the new mail service that promises greater speed when communicating by e-mail. Without going any further, there is now the possibility of playing a box of rapid response to start composing the message. When you go to send, it will display the message added to the conversation. Users of Outlook for iOS and Android will be able to see the rest of the conversation that has stayed with other people while you are developing the answer.

Another change has to do with the reading experience. When you tap an existing conversation to read it, the application will open the first unread message, which means that it will save time. They do not need to manually search to start reading where one had left, but your own Outlook will do that automatically.

it Also will deliver more content of the conversations at once, separate individual messages with greater clarity, we provide the additional shares as the option of forward and allows you to switch between accounts and folders quickly. Microsoft has not lost sight of the navigation in this update, and has rediseñado the menu of the account and the folder, and has become more visible the support and the part configuration.