One of the titles that await us at the end of the year is Outriders , the new cooperative shooter with RPG mechanics from People Can Fly , which will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well as on future PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X . With the vibe of being an intergenerational title, Outriders ‘managers have published a series of high-resolution images to offer a glimpse into their world.

These new images of Outriders were published through the accounts of the game, and show us some of the locations that we will visit during the adventure. Sites like Rift Town , a settlement built within large ravines, in which death and precariousness are the general trend for its inhabitants. Or, also, the first human colony in Enoch , now abandoned except for the presence of groups of insurgents and lurking monster nests.

 Image of Outriders