A new generation is breathed into the environment and the news about the next consoles is fully up to date. Especially when practically all games on current systems will be compatible. God of War , one of the highest rated games on PS4, has detailed which will be the improvements of the adventures starring Kratos and Atreus on PS5 .

It has been since Sony Santa Mónica , the studio responsible for the restart of the saga launched in 2018, who through Twitter have revealed the improvements to God of War on PS5 . The game will reach 60 frames per second in the new Sony console, something that will undoubtedly be an incentive both for those who want to enjoy it again with technical improvements, and for those who do it for the first time .

The tweet also says that will keep the saved games , being able to transfer them to PS5 to continue the game at the point where we have left it; an ideal option if you want to see their new technical performance without having to start all over again, or as an excuse to get 100% of the game and take down all the Valkyries. Sony Santa Monica has also ensured that the same can be done with God of War 3 Remastered .

What they haven’t specified is if God of War on PS5 will reach 4K resolution . Until the question is resolved, you can take a look at our analysis of the latest installment of one of the highest rated PlayStation exclusive action sagas. Remember that God of War 2 is also announced, which will arrive in 2021 to PS5.