The head of AMD, the executive Lis Her, has spoken with investors from the manufacturer about when to start the new generation of consoles. According to her, both PS5 as the next generation of Xbox will not wait beyond 2020 and, as is already confirmed, neither will come out in 2019.

"We are delighted of our collaboration with Sony in their next-generation consoles", added a Its that, with the occasion of the launch of both consoles in 2020, it is expected to then "an increase of your business" after 2019 they are expecting that do not have a few numbers as good, or much less, with a fall that estimated that it could reach even 20%. You can listen to the full intervention of Her, something more than three-quarters of an hour, from this link provided by the portal VGChartz.

Its has also spoken about the segment of graphics cards for the PC. "revenues have decreased in comparison with last year, while sales of processors have been offset by lower sales of graphics cards", he says. "sales of processors for our customers increased in a high percentage, up to two digits, compared with the same period of the previous year, have exponentially increased unit shipments. As a result of all of this, we believe that we gained market share for each PC sold for the sixth quarter in a row".

AMD, as we already know, contribute their parts to both the new console from Microsoft and Sony. Although Xbox Scarlett we still don’t have official specifications, yes it is true that PS5 has unveiled first details about your hardware that you can see from that link.