The prestigious journalist Jason Schreier, the magazine, Kotaku and a well-known writer, has said on the forums ResetEra not only that the next generation of game consoles from Sony and Microsoft still planned for the coming year, but that has also talked about the power of the that will make gala the two machines.

"What I have been saying in public since march of 2018, the next generation will come out in 2020. That article that said back in 2018 that would come out in 2019, only raised the hopes of the people, but now I hope it is clear that PlayStation 5 is not going to come out this fall", says the journalist.

Assured that what you know about the future cycle of machines is "very limited still", although it has reports that "in studies such as DICE (the creators of the saga Battlefield) already have a rough idea of the specifications of the machine, and all the others will know of them when the time comes", he says. "there are Not too many developers know of the features of PS5, and Xbox Scarlett in these times".

"In other words, do not expect major leaks yet. The only thing that we know for sure is that both Microsoft and Sony seek to offer something in benefits that exceed the to 10.7 teraflops that is promoted in the presentation of Stay last week", explains Schreier in the above-mentioned forums. "And, as has been concocting lies, Microsoft has some things between the hands".