The company nippon Sony has made public what we all expected, and is that your new game console will go on sale late next year 2020. So, PlayStation 5 will be available in time before the end of next year and is also confirmed by the numbered name that all the world expected for the machine.

The ray-tracing will be hardwareOne of the major strengths of the machine will be, part of your hard disk SSD, to provide support for the technology ray-tracing. "of course, there is acceleration ray-tracing in hardware on the graphics card of the console", confirmed by Mark Cerny in a interview with the portal, Wired, wanting so to settle doubts that might be about it.

of course, PS5 the installation of the video games will be mandatory, although there is some change in the way we treat them. "instead of using them as if they were large blocks of data, what do we do with the new machine is to provide access to the data in a more fine and detailed", continued the designer of the console.

also, are obsessed with the immediacy to, for example, multiplayer games. "Before, you had to start the game to see what games you could join and everything else. Although now the start of the games is very fast, we don’t want to waste time with that. The multiplayer servers will provide information to the flight on what is happening in real time, and the individual titles they will tell you also what rewards you can get by completing them, and all of that will be from an external interface and, as a player, you will be able to choose what I want to do all that bid proposals".

Image of the DualShock 4Image of the DualShock 4