The connectivity of society extends to all areas. Hospitals and other medical centers are using more and more devices that make up what is known as the Internet of Medical Things or IoMT.

Its benefits include increased capacity and quality of patient care. But such an environment is not risk-free .

To improve the security of data, and of patients themselves, Palo Alto Networks has decided to launch a solution that expands its IoT security technology to the healthcare sector . It protects medical devices with its IoT Security solution, which relies on machine learning , telemetry from multiple sources and processing of MDS2 documents to profile devices and stop threats.

Palo Alto Networks is committed to providing detailed information on specific health care vulnerabilities.

Applies intrusion prevention, policy recommendations, sandboxing to detect and prevent and URL and DNS security to stop attacks across the web.

“The Internet of Medical Things has the potential to improve health care, save lives and generate massive savings. But if not properly protected, these same devices can pose great risks, «says Anand Oswal, General Manager of Firewall as a Platform at Palo Alto Networks

“Our vision is to provide healthcare organizations full visibility, in-depth risk analysis and integrated prevention so they can reap the maximum benefits from this transformative technology while reducing risk to patients. and their data ”, summarizes Oswal.