Almost 2 of every 10 households claim to be little or no satisfied with this service.

The Spanish are unhappy with the tele-payment. This service is among the most discontent generates, according to the Panel of Homes of the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition) for the second quarter of 2019.

Almost 2 of every 10 homes (approximately 18 %) say to be little or nothing satisfied with the tele-payment. Near we prowl the electricity (17.5 %) and fixed broadband (by 17.2 %). The latter, moreover, is that more claims builds up.

Meanwhile, the mobile telecommunications have better ratings. In fact, this service is the least unsatisfied users have of all those tested, less than 11 %.

in Between are placed the fixed telephone, natural gas, and the mobile internet.

What most bothers consumers the high price. Although there are also other reasons, such as a bill unclear, the lack of information on contractual conditions, service quality, the charges of improper, poor customer service…