users of an iPhone or an iPad that works with the iOS operating system 10 may send or reclaim money by asking Siri to handle it.

PayPal has updated its application for iOS devices. And this update, the 6.7.0, comes with a curious novelty under the arm.

in Addition to adding the ability to invite friends to open up a PayPal account, this version allows owners of an iPhone or an iPad to work with the operating system iOS 10 send to others or receive from other users money with ease.

And it may do so with a simple voice command, through the personal assistant Siri. What does this mean? That, according to the own PayPal in the Apple’s app store, “you will only have to say ‘Use PayPal to send 125 euros to Sara’ or ‘Ask for 20 euros to mom with PayPal’”, for example, for the transaction to take place.

And is the integración PayPal and Siri has become effective in thirty countries and various languages, including Spain.