Although the infringement committed Jazztel, is Orange the one that has to face the penalty after having purchased this company at the beginning of the year.

Orange has received a sanction in Spain for part of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

According to this agency in a press release, the sanction should be to “breach of the rights of use of numbering wholesaler, on not having carried out the control of the use of allocated numbers to prevent their use for fraudulent purposes”.

This control is imposed by the Regulation of markets, access and numbering, as he remembers the CNMC.

As a result of an administrative offence is considered serious, the operator shall pay € 150,000.

it should Be noted that the offence in itself is not the committed Orange, but Jazztel. But this last was bought out by Orange earlier this year and now it is she who must face the punishment, with which you can still engage in administrative action.