The latest Inside Xbox, has served to present several novelties in the field of software, such as the confirmation of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, but also to continue exploring the wide, varied and beautiful gallery of controls Xbox One. Thus, it has presented a new control "ultramodern" wireless baptized with the name of Phantom White Special Edition.

"This control joint the luxury with the science fiction to reveal a wonderful technology. It also reflects a sense of mystery with the subtle richness of the neutral colors faded to reveal their internal technology", describes Microsoft. "From the bottom up, this control has a finish that ranges from a white-matte translucent high-tech to a stunning golden champagne metallic. The black buttons, the triggers, the sticks, and the top button is highlighted with a D-pad gold-champagne. In the back, the grips are textured to help keep you on your goal when the game intensify," he added.

The command promises to their users to let them travel into the future and will come to the partner stores, as well as to the Microsoft Store, in short, at least in the united States.