The ninth generation of consoles is already among us and millions of players around the world are beginning to enjoy the new machines. Sony made a staggered release of PlayStation 5 , a console that is beating various sales records and it’s running out in a matter of minutes when stores regain stock. All is well for the Japanese, although they have some open fronts .

We haven’t been this excited about engaging the Japanese developer community in many years Jim Ryan One of them came from a Bloomberg report claiming that PlayStation was starting to neglect Japan , removing promotional content and reducing development support teams a third, to focus on other markets such as the US. Well, in a recent interview in Edge magazine, and as pick up IGN , PlayStation has denied that this is so. In the words of its chief executive officer, Jim Ryan , the company wanted to put an end to these rumors.

Ryan has distanced himself from this information and emphasized the importance of the Japanese market in the company’s plans: «Sony’s position is that the Japanese market is still incredibly important to us. I’ve been as excited about the participation of the Japanese developer community as we are now in many years. «

The head of PlayStation has indicated that PS5 was launched in Japan on the same day as in the US, something they did not do with PS4 . «So I read those things [in reference to the Bloomberg article] and a lot of those comments are incorrect . Japan, as our second largest market and Sony’s homeland, is still really important to us.» , has insisted.

Just this week we heard the news that the creator of Siren and Silent Hill has left SIE Japan Studio to found Bokeh Game Studio . Be that as it may, the year 2021 points to the departure of great exclusive games, such as Gran Turismo 7 , Horizon: Forbidden West or God of War: Ragnarok , although Ryan himself commented that < a href = 'https: //' class = 'a_linea'> will be in 2022 when we will see wonderful things .