2020 is still a complicated year for the video game industry, especially for trade fairs and conventions. With the E3 2020 leading a long list of cancelled events by the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the plans of autumn begin to endanger.

The Brazil Game Show has brought more than 300,000 peopleAlthough it is not specified which can be the reason, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it will not be in Brazil Game Show 2020, held in Sao Paulo in October. This event has brought in their latest editions to to over 317,000 assistants, becoming the most important event of video games on South america.

"After a long evaluation, Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided not to participate in the Brazil Game Show 2020. We are hoping to be able to interact with our fans in Brazil, and to announce exciting activities until the end of the year", says PlayStation Brazil’s official Twitter account. It is interesting that they announce "exciting activities", as in October we should be to a few months of launch of PlayStation 5.

Image of PlayStation 4