With Poly & Microsoft Collaboration Virtual Roadshow 2020 will present its products to customers in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Poly will travel through Europe, north america, Latin America, Asia and Australia in a virtual way to present your products in collaboration to improve the experience of using the Microsoft Teams.

through virtual performances Poly & Microsoft Collaboration Virtual Roadshow 2020, in collaboration with Microsoft, will provide information to customers from different regions by allowing them to learn first-hand what was new. This roadshow started in June and continue along July.

Among the solutions of Poly that enhance collaboration among employees are the bars video Poly Studio and Studio X, the spiders of the conference Poly Trio C60, the portable speakers Poly Calisto 7200, the desk phones of the series CCX and professional headphones Poly Voyager 4200 and 5200.

in Addition, Poly also teach kits Poly-G10-T, G40-T-and-G80-T to manage the Microsoft Teams Rooms, which will be available at the end of the year.