Actions such as handling email or activating the webcam during a video conference are recorded in minute detail with the Productivity Score, a tool that Microsoft makes available to entrepreneurs to carry out exhaustive monitoring in their organizations. The time the employee spends in Outlook or Microsoft Teams and the messages they send or reply can be measured.

A way of checking efficiency and productivity, but according to specialists in the field, it could invade the privacy of employees precisely because it facilitates the individualization of the activity of employees. In fact Productivity Score would be, in fact, a work monitoring tool integrated into Office 365 .

Points for producing

Productivity Score assigns, as a gamification system, 800 points to each organization or company during a period of 28 days. This allows establishing a comparison or a competition with organizations or companies in the same sector.

The system then assigns each company a «productivity score» out of 800 over a period of 28 days, with which it is possible to make comparisons with the scores of other companies in the same sector. < / p>

This detailed and strict surveillance can be configured or deactivated, but by default it is activated and there are those who consider the Productivity Score as a tool that enhances the control and surveillance of employees in an excessive way and that threatens privacy.