With this acquisition, Proofpoint wins security technology trust zero or ZTNA.

If it complies with the provisions, Goal Network, security technology, and its employees will become part of the Proofpoint during this quarter.

Both companies have come to an agreement of acquisition which is valued at some $ 120 million. For the most part, around 111 million, to be paid in cash and the other 9 million have to do with actions.

With Target Networks, Proofpoint seeks to provide better protection beyond the traditional perimeter. Through this acquisition, win in trusted security zero (ZTNA). This technology will be integrated with the security officer access to the cloud or CASB of Proofpoint and its insulation products on the web.

“By combining the innovative technology of access to the trusted network zero of Goal Networks with our security capabilities focused on people”, cuenta Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, you will find that businesses can “precisely control the access of employees and contractors to applications, on-premise, in the cloud, and of consumption”.