If there is something that appeals to the majority of players in the securities of open-world are the spectacular maps that are designed as a guide to be placed in the environment. the larger the world, best locations and variety of landscapes is usually in him, and that, taken out of the console, creates true works of art. It is the case of Origin Artwork, shop on Etsy, which has managed to carve in wood a few spectacular maps of fantasy — inspired games.

With all detail, their creations can be seen mountains, rivers, cities, castles and separations county with dotted lines. Go beyond, have even been able to simulate the heights, the ravines and the level of the sea, with a sizing incisive and weathered that it generates a feeling of depth seldom seen in a map of this class.

Skyrim, Hyrule, or The Saints are some of your designsSome of his creations have been inspired by the maps of Hyrule, The Saints, and with much force, Skyrim. The locations are carefully detailed and are ideal to hang on the wall or as a desk ornament, since there are a great variety of sizes within your catalog. There is also space for other types of maps of fiction as the side of the series Game of Thrones.

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But in Origin Artwork they accept orders and many of them go through designing maps of real places. Some of those on display are Lake Tahoe, San Diego Bay, and the Great Lakes . To make an order, they offer various measures such as 20×25, which costs around 110 euros and 40×50, which amounts to 220 euros , of course, the shipping costs are separate.

If you are interested in the world of maps, we recommend that you keep an eye on some related news like that of Ghost of Tsushima who has revealed that there will be no marks on his and will be the largest created by the studio. Also el from Escape from Tarkov which is coming soon and promises to have unprecedented dimensions and level of detail.