The company has a focus evolved in the tracking of the consumer through analytics in social media.

QSocialNow take advantage of the Big Data and its analytics platform customizable to instantly identify the reactions of consumers in social media to brands, their products and services.

The company has incorporated a module of action in the analysis platform QsocialNow, creating a center for intelligent management of the information with the ability to develop all of these processes simultaneously and allowing for continuous feedback and interactive between companies and customers.

“In the digital age, relationships with the customers change over time and space in the market. The strategic planning and execution of marketing and communication must occur in a dynamic way and be supported by more data-rich, those that are collected in real time” said Rafael Prieto, director general of QSocialNow.

The platform processes thousands of conversations per second, and provides metrics and prioritizes their impacts with assessments through models of analysis qualitative that have been adapted for different vertical markets.

QSocialNow stores hundreds of millions of lines of data and provides information to companies for meet the changing needs of its customers, being able to design campaigns on the basis of what the customers demand at any time and in any place.