Now you can download for free Quake II ! Bethesda has just enabled via its PC launcher the ability for users to add this classic first-person action shooter originally released in 1997 to their library.

To achieve this, it will be enough to have the program of the parents of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls installed on our computer. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the following link . Once inside, you will have to add the video game.

Quake 3 will be available for download from August 17 In Quake 2, players are given the difficult mission of heading to the planet of the Stroggos, landing on an alien world where they will have to make their way through military installations fortified, defeat the city defenses and shut down the enemy’s powerful war machine blocking reinforcements.

Quake 2 will be available for its 100% free download during the next few hours. Once the deadline has expired, those interested in expanding their library can rest assured, thanks to success of the solidarity campaign of QuakeCon will also be free Quake 3 , specifically from August 17th.

Both these gifts and other initiatives launched by id Software aim to commemorate the 25th anniversary of QuakeCon, the company’s great annual event that was held this year from August 7 to August 9. August.