The San Diego chip maker has been ordered to pay that amount to the Canadian company.


Qualcomm has just revealed that it has been a loser in a royalty case on the sales of some devices BlackBerry , which means that must reimburse to the Ontario company $ 814.9 million .

From the chip company they have indicated that do not agree with the decision issued by an arbitration panel, but they are obliged to pay and cannot make an appeal.

For BlackBerry, the court’s decision will be very well received, since it will be able to invest the money to continue its growth in the software business , point to Reuters .

Apart from this case, Qualcomm has also suffered the demand of Apple , which accuses it of an overprice on its chips and refusing to pay 1,000 million dollars as reimbursement for that practice.

From the US government they have accused Qualcomm of using anti-competitive tactics in order to maintain a monopoly on semiconductors that are essential in mobile phones.