Rely on their alliance to drive innovation with data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Red Hat and NVIDIA have joined together to promote open innovation.

This innovation has to do with the artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data processing centers of business, as has been explained.

And for that has certified the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform in the NVIDIA hardware DGX-1, which “not only does it provide a level of control known and a user’s environment safe”, according to responsible. “can Also serve as a catalyst to foster greater innovation with AI and Deep Learning” he added.

“With the certification of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on DGX-1, we are enabling corporate IT to meet the growing demand of customers who expect enterprise support in all layers of the software stack, without inhibiting the exploration of IA without effort”, explains Charlie Boyle, senior director of systems DGX NVIDIA.

Chris Wright, CTO of Red Hat, says that this will help “companies to boost the loads of work emerging without losing the stability, reliability and familiarity they expect from their systems of production”.

Apart from working in this certification, Red Hat and NVIDIA will work together in the development of memory management, heterogeneous (HMM).

they Also have the intention to launch containers NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) in Red Hat OpenShift, with optimized software for GPU, IA and HPC based on Red Hat technologies.