The new tablet of Nokia multiplies by three the performance of the base stations while allowing to reduce the size of the antennas and their energy consumption.

The manufacturers of network infrastructure are already putting all the meat on the grill with the imminent arrival of the fifth generation of mobile communications 5G.

this time, Nokia has advance some details of what you will show during the next Mobile World Congress 2018 to be held in Barcelona the days 26 February to 1 march.

In the first place, the chipset ReefShark, designed for the management and transmission of data in the future networks, 5G, but that is already starting to try for 30 operators, and the deployment of a massive way will be to divide the third quarter of this year.

This pill of silicon has been designed with an architecture that seeks to revolutionize the mobile communications thanks to which it is able to multiply by three the performance of the base stations current, but also halving the size of the MIMO antennas and energy consumption by 64 percent.

ReefShark is implemented in units of radio frequency and can be delivered to the operators as plug-ins to the existing infrastructure. In this way can reduce the investment considerably by not having to replace it. Your implementation allows you to go from the current 25 Gbps for each module networks MIMO Nokia to 84 Gbps. But that’s not all, because such modules can be assembled in array to get the 6 Tbps.

all in all, the goal is to be able to comply with the requirements of the next generation of mobile communications, especially with the massive arrival of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

“With ReefShark, Nokia has achieved a clear competitive advantage. His combination of power, intelligence, and efficiency will allow you to position yourself in the center of the development of networks 5G, which is increasingly coming” declares Henri Tervonen, CTO of Nokia Mobile Networks and president of the R&D foundation.

parallel To this, Nokia has also announced the implementation of the network architecture, Future X 5G, designed to facilitate the reduction of costs and increased performance, this time thanks to combining the solution 5G New Radio, the core network and solutions to SDN Anyhaul.

In all, ReefShark and Future X will help to market the networks  5G of the future, characterized by an automation and scalability never before seen until now. The company estimates that the total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

“Thanks to our portfolio of “Future X 5G” we are opening the intelligence and the data network to our customers, which will allow us to schedule jointly, and to adapt the learning automated, and the automation that runs on our new technology. The architecture Future X, which was invented thanks to the research of our labs, Nokia, Bell Labs, has managed to combine the existing knowledge in Nokia on IP-based networks, optical networks, RF and software with the innovative design of reference developed by Nokia. We hope to be able to offer unprecedented possibilities that allow our clients to transform their service offerings to 5G”, explains Marc Rouanne, president of Nokia Mobile Networks.

All of these advances will be shown by the multinational company during the next MWC. to Silicon will be there covering all of these developments and also in the booth 7M13.