Capcom has published this last night, its fiscal results for the last quarter, the first of its fiscal year 2019. In these we can find a few numbers of a record in terms of revenue thanks to the sales continued of some of its greatest video games of the past few months.

In fact, these data that you can check the detail from the breakdown fiscal Capcom is due in large part to the continued and very positive commercial performance of titles like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 or Monster Hunter World. None of them have been released in this period, but have been selling quite well since their releases.

We’ve enjoyed very good numbers thanks to sales continued"In this business, the first quarter tends to correspond with a period of transition", someone from Capcom. "however, and given the expansive user base that we have and the sales continued of Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter World, we have enjoyed very good numbers. Our game star of the fiscal period, the Monster Hunter World, has also continued selling well during a long period of time, supported by a huge popularity".

"This catalog of titles has helped to shoot up the revenue significantly, supported in addition by a large margin digital sales", explained in a statement issued by the giant of the video games.

The next month, in fact, is debuting a new proposal of Capcom aimed to expand its range of video games. We speak of a Monster Hunter World Iceborne that we have already tested and you can read our impressions in the pages of 3DJuegos.