Barely a week has passed since the announcement of Resident Evil RE: Verse , and fans of the Capcom saga are eager to learn more about this free multiplayer that will accompany the premiere of Resident Evil 8: Village . Some are because of a sincere curiosity about what the company can offer us in its multiplayer mode , and others … Well, others are because of the opposite.

The fact is that Resident Evil Re: Verse is the object of intrigue by the players, and with its beta already available to the members of the RE Ambassador program, we can get a first look at its gameplay thanks to this 90-minute gameplay of the game published on the networks this morning, and shared by Gamingbolt. Although the accompanying comments are in Chinese, this is a great opportunity to deepen the gameplay of this competitive multiplayer proposal.

In Resident Evil Re: Verse, players will compete in matches of 4 to 6 players at the controls of the most iconic characters of the saga, and through scenarios that will be very familiar to your players. The objective? Kill the rest of the players and collect more virus samples than anyone else. The latter is of vital importance, or rather deadly, since when dying, players will be able to revive like the different monsters and enemies of the saga , being able to choose more powerful creatures such as the Tyrant depending on the samples they own.

Resident Evil 8: Village release date

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Resident Evil Re: Verse will hit stores as a free standalone multiplayer proposal, to accompany the premiere of Resident Evil 8: Village . Therefore, its debut will coincide with that of this new main installment, whose release date is May 7 , 2021. For now, Capcom has published a technical demo of the game on PS5 as a preview of its quality in the new generation of consoles, although later there will be another demo of the game . Until then, we invite you to visit this article in which we review everything about Resident Evil 8 .