Return on Digital he had already become a classic within the framework of the E3, with a conference wild in the accommodating all its quirky independent games. Will we be left without their portion eccentric in the year 2020? But oh no! In fact, the publisher has confirmed in a recent tweet that yours will be "the good" conference planned for the coming months.

In fact, the tweet has also served to explain the reasons have led the company to not confirm yet its date of celebration despite the fact that so many other firms have already taken a step ahead to explain the plans that will replace your presence in Los Angeles. What it takes to Return to wait for so long? Basically, what that to many other firms: the current circumstances.

"Return Direct 2020 will happen, but we’re not sure when to due to the uncertain times that we live", have been reported from his official Twitter account. How will time be held in the month of June or we will have to wait to times more hot for knowing your cool novelties catalogue? Subtracted to wait for new news on the part of the signature.

One of the great protagonists of the events alternative to the cancellation of E3 2020 is Geoff Keighley, and its Summer Game Fest 2020, that will start tomorrow with a first advertisement and an interview of the founder of the new initiative of communication on video games for the summer. The other that you moved tab yesterday it was Ubisoft, shortly after Microsoft or Electronic Arts to do the same.