Will the $ 528 million this year to 26,000 million in 2022, according to IDC.

we Still don’t know what real impact will the technology 5G, but now that is coming to our lives it’s time for guessing.

IDC has posted a forecast-related market of network infrastructure.

According to this consultant, this year the market of network infrastructure to 5G and related 5G, where they enter 5G RAN, 5G NG core, NFVI, routing, and backhaul, optic, move to 528 billion.

And how it will evolve? The amounts of income projected for 2022 is 26,000 million.

IDC, which points to 5G RAN as the sub-segment to take into account because it will be the largest, expects a compound annual growth rate of 118 %.

“The early adopters 5G are laying the groundwork for the long-term success”, says Patrick Filkins, senior research analyst for IoT, and network infrastructure mobile, “investing” precisely in 5G RAN, among other things. And “many are also in the process of experimenting with 5G NG core”.