The company arising out of this union will be born to become the great ‘pure player’ cybersecurity both in Spain and in Portugal.

The signature of services and security technology to s21sec back and technological Nextel:, also specialised security and management services, telecommunications, will be merged to give rise to the that aims to be the largest company dedicated exclusively to cyber security services in Spain.

Is more, seeking to be the greatest pure player of security in turnover and talent both in Spain and in Portugal. The company resulting from that merger between s21sec back and Nextel will exceed the figure of 400 experts in cyber security.

So what has been communicated to the investor group Sonae IM who is the owner of s21sec back. “the merger With Nextel, we consolidated a project that we started in 2014 with the entry into the capital of s21sec back”, explains Carlos Alberto Silva, Managing Partner of Sonae IM, “and it is a key step in our plan to position this firm as the company of reference in Spain and Portugal, and enter in the ‘top5’ at european level,”.

Silva confirms that “we continue to look for other companies in Europe and Latin america to further develop this growth plan”.

Sonae IM also going to move to a new madrid headquarters to the end of the year, in a building in which the union of s21sec back and Nextel will occupy two floors. This headquarters will feature a new Security Operations Center integrated for more than half a hundred workers.