SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge, SAP, Global Track & Trace, SAP, Leonardo IoT Edge, SAP, Digital Manufacturing Insights and SAP Asset Manager are the last of the SAP for the internet of things.

During the celebration of the congress SAP Leonardo Live, SAP has announced up to five different solutions that have to do with the internet of things (IoT).

The first of these is called a SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge and it is a centre of digital control in real time that correlates sensor data with the business processes, and information structured and unstructured, providing visibility. The second consists of SAP Global Track and Trace, which is based in the cloud, and also serves for the monitoring. SAP, Global Track and Trace is oriented to the networks of the supply chain.

SAP wants to integrate SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge and SAP Global Track and Trace to delve into scenarios such as outbound logistics.

In the third place, the SAP has revealed the software SAP Leonardo IoT Edge that can be used with another of the novelties of the company: the performance management solution in the manufacture SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights that offers analytical multilayer. From the SAP explained that its proposal offers advantages such as better decision making, or the coherent management strategies of Industry 4.0.

The mobile application for management of security, maintenance, inventory and state of assets SAP Asset Manager is the fifth release of SAP. Taking advantage of the design language of SAP Fiori for iOS.

“less than a year Ago, we announced our commitment to invest and grow our business with IoT”, says Tanja Rueckert, president of IoT & Digital Supply Chain in SAP. “With SAP Leonardo as a system of digital innovation”, he continues Rueckert, “our new solutions and the many customers and partners that are doing demonstrations on use cases of real-life SAP Leonardo Live, we’re defining the path towards digital transformation with an innovation that can encompass all of the organization”.