The 3D design and engineering software, used by more than 5 million users, seeks to further complete the product life cycle, from design to manufacturing.


Dassault Systèmes today announced at a press conference the new version of its 3D design and engineering software SOLIDWORKS . Until now it reached the market annually, but the French multinational has decided from now on to accelerate the times of putting into production with quarterly news so that “users can use them without waiting”.

The use of SOLIDWORKS 2018 has grown significantly in recent years and already It is used by more than 5 million users of 261 companies worldwide. This success has come largely because of his commitment to training, since is now used in 33,000 academic institutions . In the end, companies acquire the software that their employees know how to handle, the one they have studied and know perfectly.

Likewise, as the company officials pointed out, «Dassault Systèmes has always sought to respond to customer demand in a changing world.» That is another reason why the quarterly introduction of new features will take place.

The new version of SOLIDWORKS comes with more than 400 new features , of which half are related to CAD. Many of them designed to facilitate the integration and automation of all processes that are part of the product life cycle, from design to manufacturing.

Here stands out SOLIDWORKS CAM (based on the application of one of its partners), with which designers can store and use much more information about each piece created, so that they can automate the programming when manufacturing it. According to the company, this new layer accelerates the processes, reduces costs and improves the quality of the product that is being designed and manufactured. Inspection reports from parts and assemblies have also been improved.

 With SOLIDWORKS CAM you get much more information about the parts to automate future designs
With SOLIDWORKS CAM you get much more information about the parts to automate future designs

The interface and access to applications have also been improved with utilities such as Login , Admin Portal and License Online . Thanks to them it is possible to access from other jobs (for mobile workers), manage large volumes of licenses or simply transfer them to the online versions of SOLIDWORKS.

Functionality for tactile sketching has been added, so that the creation of sketches is facilitated without requiring a thorough design. When handling models, it is already possible to apply detailed transparencies to be able to locate hidden elements and handle them quickly.

These and other new features «provide more than an intelligent approach to the manufacture of parts and products, help businesses turn imagination into innovation and create ecosystems,» said Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS < / strong>, on the occasion of the release of the 2018 version.