through its partnership with Yours, SPC interconnects and unifies the management of connected devices in a single app.

The company SPC, specializing in devices smart for homes and solutions for businesses, has announced the launch of a platform that seeks to accelerate the adoption of solutions for smart homes, a market that until now has not finished booting for various reasons. is Jose San Emeterio, director-general of SPC, explained during the press conference that the world of home automation and home connect have never seemed to be a real alternative even when it were effective.

According to his words, there are various reasons that have retreated to the consumers to turn your house into a smart home: The perception that it is not within the reach of anyone in monetary terms, the lack of security against possible theft of data and a lack of unification to manage the devices: “Each one has always used a different application, are difficult to schedule and do not communicate between them.”

There is, therefore, a lack of homogenization for devices to form an all-in-homes. To mitigate the perception of the users, SPC just announced a new platform able to manage it, including the ability to be able to communicate between them, as he claimed San Emeterio.

Jose San Emeterio, director-general of SPC, during the presentation of the new platform SPC IoT

What  makes after working closely with the company’s Own, whose experience in the development of solutions IoT comes from far away. The result is the app SPC IoT (and the platform behind it to orchestrate everything), which today already is able to connect and manage solutions for the smart home and that SPC encompasses four separate areas: Lighting, Power, Security and Comfort:. That is to say the four scenarios where the users can make use of domotics.

Here also come into play components of third-party companies, such as the increasingly popular personal assistants of the type Google Home. The platform of SPC and Yours is not only capable of unifying the management of all these devices, but also these attendees so that they can send orders and intercomunicarse. According to San Emeterio, this is only the beginning, because with the passing of the months will be added more devices to get a better user experience and the take-off end of the smart home.