phishing is intensifying. The fact that companies are betting on teleworking and employees using different communication tools puts them in the spotlight.

To protect specifically email communications , keeping organizations’ sensitive data safe, SailPoint and Proofpoint have announced an alliance that involves the integration of your solutions. The ultimate goal is to protect those most at risk with identification technology and different levels of access .

«Attackers relentlessly target individuals to access critical systems and data, so organizations need in-depth visibility into their high-risk users,» explains Bhagwat Swaroop, Executive Vice President of Solutions sectors and business development of Proofpoint. «Each person is unique, as is their risk profile.»

Using SailPoint Predictive Identity and its artificial intelligence technology, partner companies will deliver automated visibility into who wants to access certain data and applications s. From there, and according to the role of each employee, that access will or will not be guaranteed. Meanwhile, with the use of Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection it will be possible to discover threats that target against the digital workforce, analyze them and block them s in a automatic when they arrive by email.

“Proofpoint’s partnership with SailPoint enables our common customers to apply the appropriate levels of access to enhance security and significantly reduce risk. The knowledge we provide on target people and advanced threats along with SailPoint’s ability to deliver identity governance solutions for these high-risk users help extend our human-centric security framework, ”Swaroop deepens. < / p>

For her part, Juliette Rizkallah, Marketing Director at SailPoint, points out that, “today, one of the great challenges of the virtual office is knowing who is most likely to become the target of cybercriminals and, therefore, Therefore, it is imperative to keep the most vulnerable people safe. ”

«To mitigate that risk, SailPoint’s integration with Proofpoint enables companies to detect and stop advanced email threats, automatically correcting access as potentially compromised accounts are identified,» he highlights.