The smartphone market is experiencing a few hectic months. During the summer , sales of these types of devices experienced a smaller decline than analysts had anticipated.

Between July and September, 353.6 million smartphones were distributed around the world. From the year-on-year fall of 9% announced at the beginning, it finally went to 1.3%. One of the reasons was the relaxation of the restrictions imposed to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

This third quarter, more robust than expected, seems to give way to a fourth quarter in clear recovery. IDC has published its new forecasts and says that sales will grow coinciding with the Christmas season by 2.4% compared to those of October, November and December 2019.

The consulting firm does not stop there, since according to its analyzes, the recovery will not be a matter of a day. For 2021, she foresees an improvement of the smartphone

«We have concluded that, despite ongoing lockdowns and economic concerns, consumers in many markets around the world have changed their normal spending» , explain Ryan Reith, Program Vice President for IDC Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers. They have stopped allocating money to «things like travel, dinners and leisure in general» to invest in «consumer electronics», for example .

In addition, the supply chain has recovered and members of the mobile industry are drawing attention to 5G models . This technology is one of the great drivers of sales. This year 10% of smartphones sold should already be 5G phones.

By region, China is going through a difficult stage that will prevent it from joining the generalized recovery in shipments of smartphones throughout 2020. However, areas such as Western Europe, North America and Japan will bring growth thanks to seasonal promotions and special events such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday .