it Is designed so that organizations can share verified data, and distributed through a network of trusted partners.

The trend of blockchain is in mouth of all and Salesforce adds to this with the launch of what has been baptized directly as Salesforce Blockchain.

This is “a platform of blockchain low-code which extends the power of CRM”, according to their own palabras.

This platform is intended for organizations to share verified data, and distributed through a network of partners..

Among its strong points would be, precisely, the ease to involve third parties and the possibility of building such networks, not with code but with clicks.

“enterprises”, says Bret Taylor, president and director of product at Salesforce, “they can create new ecosystems and achieve new levels of interconnectedness through networks of trusted partners”.

Salesforce, speaks of networks of blockchain, workflows and applications that lead to new customer experiences.

Salesforce Blockchain is based on the open source technology of Hyperledger Sawtooth and allow automate data with Lightning Platform.