Around 366 million units . Those are all smartphones that Gartner estimates that they were sold during the third quarter of the year. There are more millions than calculates < / a> IDC for the same period and certify the recovery of the market.

For the first time after two consecutive quarters of double-digit declines (-20%), quarterly shipments of smartphones began to stabilize. Gartner says that the drop this time was limited to 5.7% . Meanwhile, mobile phone sales in general fell 8.7% to 401 million.

More than a fifth of the devices bear the Samsung seal , which would have managed to place nearly 81 million smartphones around the world. Huawei sits in second position with almost 52 million. And Apple…. Apple disappears from the top 3 .

Xiaomi has moved the Cupertino giant to fourth position in the ranking with 44.4 million terminals compared to just under 40.6 million. This is quite a triumph for the Chinese manufacturer, which n never in its history had occupied one of the first three seats . In fact, both he and Samsung were the only top-five sellers to see improvement during the third quarter.

Huawei’s shipments fell 21.3%. Those of OPPO, which is fifth, did it by 2.3%. And those of Apple, 0.6%, a «slight decrease» that was due «to the delay in the start of shipping by Apple of its new generation of iPhone in 2020, which in years Previously it always started in mid to late September, ”explains Annette Zimmermann, vice president of research at Gartner. “This year, the launch event and the start of shipments started four weeks later than usual.”

The general climate is still marked by the coronavirus pandemic and, especially, by economic uncertainty and the continuous fear of new waves, which prevents an increase in spending on non-essential products. A certain delay in the updates of the 5G network also had something to do.

But not everything is downfall. In some markets the improvement is evident. In India, Indonesia and Brazil, for example, sales of smartphones increased by 9.3%, 8.5% and 3.3%, respectively, during the summer months. < / p>

In Western Europe shipments for July, August and September were 28.8 million units. Here a good part of the most demanded devices had gone on sale during the previous quarter. “Stores continue to be the place where consumers meet and sample the latest news from vendors. Without that physical experience ”, with social distancing, users“ tend to choose the products they already know when buying online, which makes it difficult for new brands and products to succeed ”, explica Francisco Jeronimo, associate vice president of IDC EMEA .

Samsung is also the most successful brand in Europe, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO . This shows that Xiaomi is doing things well in different markets. As it happens globally, never in its history had it been in the top 3.

Analysts believe that the smartphone market will return to growth in this last period of the year. IDC anticipates that the Sales will grow, coinciding with the Christmas season, by 2.4% compared to October, November and December 2019.