An event, B2B show that is performed three times a year in Europe touches on this occasion Spanish soil to set the stage for the technology of the Korean manufacturer dedicated to the professional world.

Not everything is consumption at Samsung Electronics… and the european division of the Enterprise Business does what it can to prove it, with events like this that shows you in four scenes four pillars action from the Korean company, as well as put it on the map of the 5G and its everyday applications in surveillance systems, traffic and civil protection, in hostile environments on site with their tablets ruguerizados, in the concern for the safety with their platform Knox is an end-to-end in all of their solutions, in the office, with virtual desktop environments with Dex and touch screens that replace the flipchart paper and pen always dry.

“We are the world’s leading provider of technology for mobile communications end-to-end, and even though they know us more for our Galaxy phones, tvs curved and 4K, or appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, we want to demonstrate with this event we can provide mobility, reliable in any site”, account Angel Pascual, head of technology and platforms Samsung Electronics Iberia. “We have all kinds of devices, network equipment and even our own semiconductor, with the advantage of creating chips that may not provide other providers”.

Samsung's Mobile Business Summit

Ready for 5G, and until that arrives, there are already tangible solutions on the 4G and 4.5 G for outdoor environments capable of geo-locating, and processing large amount of data from the cloud, such as camera 360 Round of 17 lenses and 6 microphones that integrate technology Gyro and IBM Watson are capable of performing recognition facial from the crowd and manage videostreaming, and that may also be mounted on drones, ideal for emergency situations, rush, or disaster. Will be available for 2019.

The platform Knox integrates security from the moment you get the mobile out of the box, and even if it was stolen or is lost, the initial setup would still function each time it is run, because it is linked to your IMEI; in the same way, you can manage enrolamientos large-scale, reducing the time spent, and have visible in the tree of users each one with his kind of profile and privileges. “If the 2G brought the mobile to the pocket, and the 3G and 4G Internet mobile phone, the 5G will be the high-speed”, stresses Pascal.

Regarding the network equipment of Samsung, they have a compact unit of just 10 kg of weight that has in its interior 1.024 antennas from the tower current can cover the last mile, offering 5G. “Guaranteed 400 meters being very conservative, but we have done tests without obstacles to train tracks that have reached more than a kilometer,” says Ildefonso of the Cross, of the team of Network Business. “5G does not want to replace the 4G, but to overlay areas with large connectivity needs, such as traffic lights (traffic), airports (smart city), ferry (industry 4.0)…”.

The fourth scenario is the office mobility , “where the power of the computer is combined with the mobility of a tablet. A Samsung Dex USB-C / HDMI adapter is enough to turn the smartphone or tablet into a giant screen PC with its windows environment, keyboard shortcuts and document signing, ”says Pascual. «In our spirit of eliminating office paper, we have also digitized the traditional flipcharts by our Samsung Flip with a 55-inch 4k screen, interactive bar and high response speed.» It allows screen mirror to clone the mobile to full screen, make presentations enriched with other documents, rotate vertically and horizontally, and with its base with wheels gives it greater versatility to remove it from the meeting room and put it in the reception. It is already available in Spain at a RRP of 3,160 euros, although being now in promotion you can get a price «friend».

Discussion tables

About 250 technology leaders, influential managers and specialized press from all over Europe were invited to the event, with sessions and round tables focused on the business opportunities that the new mobile economy can bring to companies and society. One of the topics of debate at the Samsung Mobile Business Summit held in Madrid was how companies can use mobile technology to face new ways of working and provide their employees with a better reconciliation of personal and work life .

And according to the study Samsung Blurred World (based on data collected from 5,000 respondents from ten European countries), up to 45% of Europeans are willing to work outside the office and even outside office hours , which Samsung wants to take advantage of to ask these business leaders to provide from and the technological infrastructure, connectivity and security necessary for workers to work where and when they choose, based on personal needs and business development.

This study reveals that Spanish and Italian workers start and finish their work later than the European average . While 38% start between 8 and 9 in the morning, the data shows that employees are more likely to start between 9 and 10 in the morning. Consequently, Spain, together with Italy, are the two countries that finish their working hours later, with 41% and 47% of workers finishing after 6 pm, respectively. «Today’s users want to take everything in a single device, a device with connection facilities that allows mobility that helps to take work between home, office or any other place without problems.» Says Jeong Wook Tak, vice president of Samsung Enterprise Business.

And he adds: “They demand customized solutions, greater security, openness or collaboration, as well as innovations in IoT, IA, blockchain and 5G are integrated. At Samsung we strive to help companies take advantage of these developments to keep products and services evolving based on their needs. The telecommunications business is no longer just about expanding network coverage and improving performance for businesses. Beyond simple connectivity, Samsung’s goal is to collaborate with its partners to implement an automated mobile network based on Artificial Intelligence that focuses on bringing speed, productivity, intelligence and security to the business world. ”

Meanwhile, Nick Dawson, director of Strategy and Business of Samsung Knox, discussed the possibilities offered by this security platform from the cloud: “Technology companies have created a world of fluid connections and integrated devices and it is our responsibility to provide guidance on how to use these new systems while protecting user and company data. Similarly, as technology evolves to become more personalized, predictive and helpful to people, there is an urgent need for security solutions that can protect user data . All Samsung services and technologies are built on the security of Knox to ensure that people’s privacy is protected anywhere and at any time when using their devices. Our solution package allows the most detailed configuration and management so far, offering maximum security for the business while allowing ample security for the users of the devices. ”

In the round table, which was led by the «agitator» and analyst Jaime García Cantero , Thomas Riedel, director of Samsung Networks Europe also participated: «5G has the potential to revolutionize the way our world operates, opening up unprecedented opportunities in entertainment, transportation and navigation, smart cities, smart factories or public safety. Samsung is one of the largest investors in R&D worldwide in 5G, leading the establishment of industry standards that will bring faster networks. Our investment will reach 22,000 million dollars in the next three years in elements such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things or 5G. We want more companies to support 5G infrastructure to realize their enormous capabilities worldwide. ”  y-trabajo-en-europa
From left to right: David Alonso Nieto, Jeong Wook Tak, Jaime García Cantero, Nick Dawson and Thomas Riedel.

Meanwhile, David Alonso Nieto, director of Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics Spain, mentioned the good progress of Samsung Pay , the Korean manufacturer’s commitment to payments mobile phones “We are very satisfied with the good results. That the competition has followed our steps means that we are not doing it wrong. We have the advantage of being able to control the entire chain from the chip to the device through the network, which allows us to deploy our own security solution. ”

A fifth scenario would be missing if Samsung were to enter the field of physical mobility as some other Chinese manufacturer has already done with its electric skates and eScooters, but for the moment it is content with the alliance with BMW to provide smart car connectivity and provide the technical specifications established by the automobile industry.“You have to be in the ecosystem. Businesses do not travel, but the CPU does if I carry it. ”