The solution Samsung has added four new markets in two days: Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Samsung Pay adds and continues. Its international expansion has been fuelled by the union of four new markets to its roster in just two days.

on the one hand, Samsung Electronics has announced the official arrival of Samsung Pay to Sweden and United Arab Emirates. This is the first time that the solution of mobile payments from Samsung enters in the Middle East and the nordic countries.

on the other hand, the solution has also come to Hong Kong and Swiss. Although in this case he has done it with the formula for the early access.

“less than two years Ago, Samsung Pay came to life in Korea with a mission simple: to empower customers with mobile payments simple, safe and available in almost any place. Today, Samsung Pay is a lot more”, considera Thomas Ko, vice president and global general manager of Samsung Pay. “We are incredibly proud of our rapid expansion and growth in such a short period of time, and we hope to be able to deliver the digital wallet more complete to all our users around the world,” he says.

According to Ko, the ongoing “shoots in different parts of the world,” that have taken place so far show a change of attitude on the part of “governments and consumers,”, that now they would seek to advance “towards a cashless society”.

The research firm, Juniper Research create that Samsung Pay more the equivalent tools from Apple and Google (Apple Pay and Android Pay) will break the figure of 100 million users for contactless payments this year. Samsung Pay will bring 34 million users contactless compared to 3 million in 2015.

When you met the first year of life last year, Samsung Pay rubbed already 100 million of transactions, with the support of more than 440 banks.