With its new storage solution flash universal, eUFS 2.1, seeks a user experience similar to that of laptops.

Samsung Electronics wants to strengthen the capacity of the mobile storage, aligning these activities with the one that offer devices of larger size.

To do this it has begun mass production of a storage solution flash universal that will reach 1 TB of capacity. It is eUFS 2.1, the first of this type, that arrives four years after the first solution with UFS, and that it should “to provide a user experience more similar to that of the notebook to the next generation of mobile devices”, such as indica Cheol Choi, executive vice president of marketing and sales, and of memory at Samsung Electronics. And this without resorting to cards for additional memory.

With this solution, Samsung estimates that it will be possible to save about 260 videos of 10 minutes duration with 4K UHD.

Although it doubles the capacity of the version of 512 GB, eUFS 2.1 maintains the same size of 11.5 x 13 mm. In terms of its speed, reaches the 1,000 MB/s, multiplying also by two the speed of sequential read in respect to technology SSD SATA, 2.5-inch, and with ten times the speed of a microSD card traditional. The speed of random read is 58,000 IOPS and write of 50,000 IOPS.