The new edition of your Devices by Apps challenge will reward top creators with copies of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note10 +, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Fold phones.

Samsung reconvenes its traditional developer challenge, which will reward devices for the best applications presented until September 6 >.

Devices for Apps: Challenge your talent tests the community of more than 7000 local developers of Samsung Dev Spain. Those interested must submit new creations, which have not been published in the Galaxy Store before, for any of the four categories in competition.

The category Wearable Challenge encourages the creation of eight applications for wearables to qualify for a Samsung Galaxy S20. The S Pen Challenge search for six Android applications, of which at least half must use the Samsung S Pen Remote SDK in advance, in exchange for a Samsung Galaxy Note10 +. The Android Challenge invites you to submit 4 Android applications to get a Samsung Galaxy S20 +. And the Unfold the future Challenge will award ten applications for folding devices that implement the App Continuity and Multi-Window functions with a Samsung Galaxy Fold phone.

After uploading these applications to the Samsung store, participants must notify Samsung Dev Spain via email indicating the name of the apps , their ID and the device for which they have been designed.