The South Korean technology company has just announced the launch of a bug bounty program.


No doubt the security of mobile devices is one of the biggest obsessions of brands and Samsung is no exception in that section.


In order to increase the security of its terminals, the Seoul company has launched a rewards program , what is traditionally known as a «bug bounty».

Specifically, Samsung will offer economic rewards from $ 20,000 to a maximum of $ 200,000 , for those who manage to discover significant vulnerabilities in their mobile devices , both from the point of view of hardware and software.

Regarding hardware , it is necessary that the vulnerability be of a new device , which implies that those devices prior to 2016 cannot be part of the initiative.

On the other hand, any application developed by Samsung Mobile or third-party packages that have been approved by the Asian company are included in the software plan.

In that sense, they clarify that only vulnerabilities in services that are currently active and applications that have been fully updated can opt to rewards, excluding methods such as phishing, clickjacking or debugging attacks.