The partnership between these companies is linked to graphics that are based on Radeon, with features of consumption low and performance high.

AMD and Samsung, two well-known names in the technology industry, have decided to join forces.

During “several years”, according to have announced, will keep us an association in the field of the graphics mobile is based on Radeon, with features of consumption low and performance high.

In practice, this means that AMD grant licenses for custom graphics that build on the architecture RDNA . And, accordingly, Samsung shall pay the corresponding license fees and royalties to AMD.

The ultimate goal is no other than move forward on mobile applications, as are the smartphone.

“The adoption of our technologies Radeon graphics in the markets of PC, game consoles, cloud and HPC has grown significantly, and we are thrilled to partner with the industry leader Samsung to accelerate the graphic innovation in the mobile market”, dice regarding Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD.

“This strategic partnership will broaden the scope of our graphics Radeon high-performance in the mobile market”, cherish Her, “significantly expanding the user base and the ecosystem of development of Radeon”.

For his part, Inyup Kang, president of the S. LSI Business at Samsung Electronics, believes that the alliance “it will allow us to offer products and solutions graphics innovative to the market for mobile applications of the future” or “to accelerate innovations in graphics technologies, mobile that help you to carry the mobile computing future to the next level”.