Samsung has decided to release a software update to prevent the units that still have not been returned beyond the 60 % load.

Samsung has decided to put an end to the marketing, and also to the production of its smartphone Galaxy Note7. But with that decision not to complete their tasks with regard to the withdrawal of this model from the market.

The south Korean company is still trying to make restitution to consumers that were made with any of the units that came to hand out of Note7, affected by a problem in the battery that can result in its explosion.

In Usa, one of the countries in which it was reached to distribute the phone, Samsung has launched a reimbursement program and the exchange that is still standing. And their numbers have been updated. To day 4 of November, Samsung asegura “almost 85 % of all devices Galaxy Note7 who have retired have been replaced by the U. S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program”. In addition, he adds that “most of the participants” has opted for “to get another smartphone Samsung”, while remaining true to the brand.

But not everyone would be doing it case to the notices of Samsung. There are still smartphone waiting to be returned.

“To encourage even more participation”, has announced Samsung, “we will launch a software update the next days that will limit the ability of the phone to be loaded beyond 60 %”. Also “we will issue an pop-up notification as a reminder each time a consumer load, restart, or power on the screen of your device Note7″.

And is that Samsung is warning about the danger of using this device and encourages all users who still have one in your able to disconnect it “immediately”.